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Custom Designed Baseball Bat Trophy

Custom Designed Baseball Bat Trophy

PERFECT for Tournaments and Park trophies.

A Baseball Trophy made to your specifications with your art and your design on a high-quality hand selected USA maple 18" mini-bat.

******If you are wanting our TEAM BAT TROPHY just for your team, you need to visit this link HERE where we handle 100% of the design at no charge starting at $12.99 per bat with a 12 bat minimum.
  • Buy 2 bat trophies for $17.49 each and save 31%
  • Buy 6 bat trophies for $14.99 each and save 41%
  • Buy 12 bat trophies for $12.99 each and save 49%
  • Buy 25 bat trophies for $10.99 each and save 57%
  • Buy 50 bat trophies for $8.99 each and save 65%
  • Buy 100 bat trophies for $7.99 each and save 69%
  • Buy 250 bat trophies for $6.99 each and save 73%
  • Buy 500 bat trophies for $6.59 each and save 74%
  • Buy 1000 bat trophies for $6.29 each and save 75%
  • Buy 2000 bat trophies for $5.99 each and save 77%


How it works:

******If you are wanting our TEAM BAT TROPHY just for your team, you need to visit this link HERE where we handle 100% of the design at no charge starting at $12.99 per bat with a 12 bat minimum.

If YOU want to design your own bat, then select the quantity you want above, followed by the CUSTOMIZE tab. There, you can use our free online design tool to upload your pre-made graphic or use our design tool to create your own custom design here on our website.

FREE ART DESIGN: If you want our Custom Designed Trophy Bat for tournaments or corporate orders, we also handle it as part of the package deal for FREE but need to have you submit details via email before ordering. We will design your bat based on your description, photos, logos, and other details.

Submit everything to the email address below:

[email protected]

Once we get your email, we will create your design, submit our design back to you via email and get your approval or suggestions for changes. Once the design is agreed upon, you can then place the order on the site by visiting the Custom Designed Trophy Bat tab at the top of the website, select the quantity you need, select the “customize” button, skip the design section (don’t upload any art) and select “next step”. Add it to your cart, then select the checkout tab. During the checkout process you will be able to leave a short memo with details for you to tell us the name or tournament name so we will be able to place the graphic we designed (and you approved) with the order you placed and get your order to you asap.

Art Requirements

If creating your own custom bat file to upload to our online design tool, below are the details to follow:

  • Use the highest res JPEG image you can find.
  • We recommend using a jpeg file to get the best quality image possible.
  • The maximum file size you can upload is 3 MB.
  • Art should have the dimensions of 4.15 x 7.8 inches”.
  • White does not print. If white is used in your art, it will show up as clear, resulting in the wood grain showing through. This is a cool effect that we use on a regular basis..
  • If you want to have the art fade in from the handle, (which is really cool) remember to have the art fade from 100% clear on the left side of the art to 100% full. Otherwise, there will be a line where the art begins. We usually take about 1 inch to achieve this effect.
  • We are not limited to the amount of colors that can be printed. We can print almost anything.
  • Please keep in mind, however, that we cannot print items or names that are protected by a trademark such as professional sports teams, professional player names, trademarked logos and anything else you don't have permission to use.
  • Also, we can't print any profanity or anything deemed socially irresponsible by Cool Bats™