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Our Story

Cool Bats™ Baseball Trophy began when I saw a need for something better than what was currently available as an end-of-season baseball trophy or award. Working with a major manufacturer, I set out on a mission to get these in the hands of baseball players and fans everywhere.

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I remember what it was like over 30 years ago in t-ball, working all season long in hopes I would get a really great trophy to show off on my shelf at home. Anxiously I waited on the unveiling after the last game at the team party. The reactions were often disappointing when we finally got to see the same boring trophy. I remember one year thinking, “We worked all season for this?”

boring baseball trophyNeedless to say, when I had the opportunity to offer something better, I jumped at the chance. I started with one team locally to test the reaction of the players. I’m thankful to report they loved it. However, the most surprising part was the response of the parents. They absolutely loved them too. I knew I had really done something right when I kept hearing the word, “Finally!” Everyone was so grateful for their Cool Bats™ and all it brought to the team. Being a cool trophy is one thing, but Cool Bats™ offers so much more. It offers a great team photo display, a souvenir bat, a list of team members and their numbers, and last but not least, a trophy to remember the season and all of the great memories. No other trophy available offers so much for such an affordable price.


great baseball trophyI only played baseball for 3 years as a kid, but I should have more to show for the time I invested and the memories I made. I can only find one trophy, a plaque, one team photo and one game ball. (It just happens to be the ball from the only triple play made that year!) Why can’t I find the other items? That is easy to answer. They don’t stand out or represent anything special that could withstand the test of time.

Cool Bats™ is something your players will have out on display for the rest of their life. It’s the ultimate conversation piece. I believe it will be something your grandchildren will one-day view as a prized possession when it’s passed down.

That’s why I created www.CoolBats.com. I want to give you the chance to create a memory that won’t stay on the shelf.

Jeff Jones-owner