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A Softball Trophy Like You've Never Seen!

A Softball Trophy for the win!  When we started Cool Bats™ we thought the majority of the ball teams we'd work with would be baseball teams. Needless to say, we have been pleasantly surprised. Once the word started getting out, the phone has really started ringing and we've seen over 15% of our business coming from Softball teams wanting a Softball Trophy.

softball trophies

Below are just a few of the teams we've worked with this season. This is a good sign of things to come based on the popularity of our bats in Softball parks.  We love the fact Softball teams are seeing us as a great replacement for the same softball trophy they've always had. We hope they will share with the other teams they connect with at different parks. They don't have to settle for what they've always done. There is a NEW Softball Trophy in town and it's the coolest thing ever!

Softball Trophies with a twist

When you really think about what we are able to do at Cool Bats™ it's an obvious choice. There is no other Baseball Trophy company that can put the team photo, roster, park/tournament details all in one place on an 18" mini-bat trophy. We are glad we are able to bring all of this together at a great price. From what I've seen online, playing softball is not cheap if you want to have the right equipment.softball trophy



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